Wednesday, 17 November 2010

UpCycling Cuada Style

I'm doing a demo/workshop later on today with a local women's group on upcycling clothes - ( turning old/plain clothes into something more wow!!)
 I've lots of ideas written out, hopefully they'll all make sense when I get to demo them tonight.
I have a few plain t shirts that I spruced up for myself to use as examples - (also known as "Here's Some I Made Earlier"!!!)

This one was made after I saw a post on outsapops blog - (can't find the exact post now) but her blog is here.
Someone had used safety pins to make a shape of a butterfly, it looked stunning.
But when I started, I couldn't find any safety pins and I'm not a big fan of I made a bow out of some gorgeous vintage buttons.... !!
 Yep thats how my mind wanders off sometimes, but it cheered up my boring t-shirt:)
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