Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Playing With Jewellery

While flicking through some blogs the other day I saw a great necklace made from pieces of cut leather that were looped into each other.

It reminded me of the play necklaces I used to make as a kid from rubber bands looped through each other. So I got an itching to try it out with some fabric loops - I used a jersey sleeve cut into rings for my first one but it looked pretty bulky and was fraying a little. So I found a lighter synthetic jersey in grey and some black nylon - and these came together much better.

I added in some metal washers to give it a punk feel and the added weight helps it to hang nicely.

The others I made from the black nylon with some silver d - rings , and used a lobster clasp to close them at the back. Very rock - chic don't ya think!!

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