Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Grape Vine Shoulder Bag

Here's one that didn't make it to the webshop.  It's an extra large shoulder bag, that fits everything ! The new owner wandered into my workroom, spotted it, and warned me not to sell it.  A lovely 40th birthday present for herself - now thats how to make sure you get a gift you want: )

It has a huge front pocket that is closed with a re-purposed leather belt. The vintage - paisley cotton used to trim it, came from a lovely customer, who knew I'd find a good use for it.

I dyed the grape and lilac fabric myself - it's also used in a few other smaller bags, which can be seen here in the  Cuada Shop.

It's been all baby bags and blankets around here lately... but I'm working on some more bag designs at the moment - yay!  

Pics soon, I promise :)

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