Friday, 16 December 2011

Dice Kayek dress continued... (3)

So this is what the peplum on my dress looked like after I had tried it on - a bit sad and limp me thinks...!
It was dipping in at the hip, mostly because my fabric choice wasn't as stiff as the reccommended taffeta, and I had also left out the second peplum layer.

 Here's another picture taken from the front:

I had thought of putting some netting underneath to puff it up a bit, but then my mother suggested using shoulder pads!! It always helps to get a second opinion :)
So I found a pair that had been saved from a dodgy jumper, and covered them with some of the checked fabric like so -

And then stitched them onto the underneath of the peplum at each hip  -

And Voila.... it perked up quite nicely!!!

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