Sunday, 1 January 2012

Ruby Slip Sew Along

The very talented Sherry over at Pattern Scissors Cloth is hosting a sew along for her Ruby Slip Pattern, which she has made available for free download - head over to her blog for a very detailed how-to.

I decided it would be nice to start the new year with some fun sewing (ie:something for me!!) I'm using a purple slinky satin, and some purple/navy lace that was given to me during the summer.

The Lace is slightly narrower than the reccommended lace, so I've had to do a little workaround for the side bust panels.  It's hardly noticeable and will do fine seeing as this is for me :)

You can see the lace laid over the side bust pattern piece below, I was short a tiny amount of lace for the bottom right corner :

First I cut out the side bust piece using as much of the lace as I could:

Then I lay another piece of lace underneath and stitched along through both layers following the scallop pattern:I used a narrow zig-zag stitch, but it's barely noticeable because of the lace pattern.

I then cut away the lace from behind and trimmed it to fit the paper pattern piece, and did the same for the other side. I then joined all the bodice pieces together and thankfully they matched nicely

Here's a close up of the scallop matching on either side:

But a little itsy bitsy mistake - on the center front - I overlapped the front panels in the wrong direction!!

But I think I can live with it! The skirt is also sewn together and pinned on my model to hang out for the night, but I like the look of it all so far.
The directions given by Sherry are very detailed, and although sewing with lace AND on the bias might be enough to put some sewers off joining in, I think its a great project to try out, especially since it uses so little fabric.

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