Sunday, 9 December 2012

All consuming costuming...

The last few months, I've been working on a very interesting project. Some 18th century gowns were needed for a local tourist attraction, and I was tasked with making them ...eeek! 

There were three dresses to be made, each one different. Made from silk and cotton, so as to be comfortable and breathable.  They needed hip panniers to wear underneath  - these are made from cotton and steel hooping . 

The panniers are worn underneath the underskirt to give shape to the hips. I added fasteners to them , so they can be attached to the waistband of the underskirts. Just in case they started to swivel while being worn! you can see them on the panniers here -

And attached to the underskirt here - 

Each underskirt is made of cotton with a large silk panel to the front. Then an over- dress with an attached, boned stomacher is worn over this.

The gown is made from a crumpled pink silk and sage green floral silk.

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