Saturday, 16 February 2013

Burda Blouse Take two

Burda Blouse - version 2

 I made a second version of the blouse from the Burda book I bought last year.  I didn't have much fabric to play around with so I tweaked the pattern slightly to allow the front to be cut on a fold, and eliminating the princess seams.

To do this, I pinned the front and side front pattern pieces together along the stitching line from the end upwards. (I didn't pin them right to the top as I wanted it to lay flat as possible)

This meant there was a little gap along at the top of the pattern pieces. I cut around it, treating it as one piece.  This gave a little extra fullness in the top where it met the shoulder yoke. So I made two tucks as I was joining the front to the yokes.   

The fabric I used was a little bit sheer - so I used two layers just for the front and the yokesAnd I also added some black lace to the front.

I'm pretty sure it's not the last version I'll be making :)

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